Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Review

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I’m in absolute awe of what I’m looking at, how can a game make me feel this way? My own life feels so mundane as I play as my new Hero Nathan Drake.

We have just entered an undiscovered Pirate city, yes you read that right, a city made exclusively by Pirates … for Pirates! Although this city is Hundreds of years old its age only makes it look all the grander. These Pirates knew how to build stuff, and they must have had some amazing engineers in their time as they even have elevators! (obviously not the electrical kind).

Pirate City

With all the hype surrounding this game I didn’t want to let myself get sucked into all the high scores and amazing praises before playing it myself, as I don’t always agree. At the end of the day a review is just one persons opinion. However, despite steering clear of the bulk of reviews out there, I can safely say the hype is justified.

As soon as the opening sequence started I instantly felt a rush of excitement. It was a playful opening sequence, you are in your home attic looking around, and as you move through the attic you find old treasures you picked up from past games in the series (nostalgia anyone?) then as I made my way further through I happened upon a nerf gun! I picked it up and Drake (I’m calling Nathan throughout this review) starts to get all playful and pretends he is taking on bad guys! So as anyone would do I started shooting things with my nerf gun and alas a trophy popped up! Awesome start.

Still Got it, Nerf Gun Trophy

Another awesome little Easter egg I just have to mention, was very subtly slipped into the first hour of the game. Elena – now your wife – has set a high score on a certain classic PlayStation game. Nathan challenges her top score … the loser would be tasked with preparing dinner. At first I was like what game are you talking about? Until a cut scene starts playing and loads up a CRASH FREAKING BANDICOOT!! Yes, you get to play a section of Crash Bandicoot! Using the D-pad only just like the good old days!

UC4 see’s Drake dragged into a new adventure with his – thought to be deceased – brother and his old Comrade Sully. Together they team up to find the lost Treasures of Henry Avery as Sam (Nathan’s bro) must find this treasure in order to save his life from the man who helped him escape Prison.

To avoid spoilers that is all I will say on the story.

Graphically this game had me in pure awe, It’s just simply stunning. Playing through the levels had me stopping to look around and really take in the environment. I even started playing “Selfie” time on my twitch stream and started capturing shots as though we were on vacation. You can see them all below.

  • Sunset incoming...
  • Not your regular Church cross
  • Drake visits a Volcano!
  • I'm thinking over here
  • Cave selfie...
  • That view though
  • How Blue is that water!
  • Pirate city is beautiful
  • Wonder what happened to it's crew?
  • Strike a pose!
  • Same get out of my shot!
  • Selfie time
  • Stunning


Gameplay hasn’t really changed much in terms of movement however the new addition of the 4×4 vehicle is a totally welcome addition to help us get around at times. Also the winch is totally fun to use as you wrap it around a tree to help pull your car up a section of hill.  Climbing is literally my favorite thing to do in this game, Nathan scales walls so fast and smooth you could mistake him for Spiderman.

The gun play is also really well done for a 3rd person shooter, I had aim assist turned off the entire play through and although it took me a little bit to warm up and start hitting my shots with precision it feels really great when you start sinking consecutive headshots!

As you move through each chapter, there are collectibles to be found and notes to be taken which can assist in helping you solve some of the puzzles. I would describe myself as the worst puzzle solver generally, however this game made me feel like I was actually capable and not a complete moron. The puzzles aren’t difficult, they just make you think about things and rely on your notes to help you figure them out. In one such puzzle I actually didn’t even understand the note so just guessed my way through by trial and error (death) haha.

The story telling in this game literally made me feel like I was the main actor in a movie. The gameplay is immersive and some of the epic moments in the game have you on the edge of your seat! They are simply exciting to play through, exactly what you should expect from a game.

The cut scenes are brilliant, and it just all ties in so well together. Like a Movie.


Ive also experienced the multiplayer and although I wont go into too much detail here I will say that it’s actually a LOT of fun, and I think will become quite popular with the masses. I thoroughly enjoyed the MP aspect and am yet to really fault anything as being “unbalanced” which is great!

To summarise Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, I will say this.

Uncharted 4 is a brilliantly told story, and amazingly fun game to play. Game mechanics are great, graphics are stunning and the entire game is a piece of gold.

Well done @Naughty_Dog. Well done.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End released May 10 on PS4. This review was completed with a copy supplied by the publisher.


  • Amazing story
  • Graphics are stunning
  • Gameplay mechanics are great
  • Multiplayer is solid

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