Star Fox Zero Review

Let’s set the scene … I have my comfy gaming pants on, my gaming beverage ready (so I can maximise my performance) – water – it’s important to stay hydrated! I press A and the back of Fox Mcleod’s head in an Arwing cockpit is shown on my GamePad and TV screen. The voice of Peppy Hare comes out of the GamePad instructing me on how to pilot my futuristic space shi...[Read More]


Just Good

SpeedRunners Review

What do you get when you combine Crash Team Racing with Super Mario Bros, SpeedRunners. Developed by DoubleDutch Games the side scrolling multiplayer couples the 2D platforming of Super Mario with the combat racing of games like Crash Team Racing. Simple in concept but it succeeds in producing a fun and energetic multiplayer game. Races are composed of yourself and up to three other players. The g...[Read More]


Just Amazing

Ratchet & Clank Review

It feels like a lifetime ago when I sat down in my parents living room and played the original Ratchet & Clank on the PlayStation 2. Like all fond memories, I remember the game to be excellent in every way imaginable. I remember laughing at the one liners, grinning as I smashed anything and everything, collecting bolts and ammo. The combat was tight and the difficulty of bosses and collecting ...[Read More]


Just Okay

Marble Mountain Review

Marble Mountain is a puzzle/platformer from Canberra–based studio Lightningrock, and is enjoyable despite some gameplay shortcomings. Note: Marble Mountain was playable with VR technology at PAX in Melbourne last year, earning the praise of Greens senator Scott Ludlam, and is the first addition to the VR section in my Steam library. Unfortunately, I do not have access to a Virtual Reality unit, so...[Read More]


Just Good

Samorost 3 Review

What do you get when you cross a surrealist art project with one of the most obscure puzzlers I’ve ever seen? Well usually it’s something akin to murderous disgust from me, but in this case you get Samorost 3. For those who are immediately worried about missing out on details, don’t worry, you’ll barely understand the game anyway so you’re not missing much. From what I can gather from the im...[Read More]


Just Good

Quantum Break Review

My name is Jack Joyce. I’m an attractive young man with the world at my feet. I’m well-connected. My mate’s a pretty big deal in the science world and he’s working on stuff that’s so important and complex that I lose focus and drift off when he tells me about it. Something to do with time travel or some such. Oh, my brother Will … he’s also pretty decent w...[Read More]

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