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Take it from someone who had no emotional investment in this franchise, Fallout 4 is worth your money. Graphics, although not remarkable, are still satisfactory. Fallout 4 isn't about graphics anyway, it’s about game play ... on this front, I can guarantee you it delivers. Once I was outside vault 111, I went exploring, looking through anything and everything I could find and picking up more shit then anyone could realistically carry! I'm now officially a Fallout hoarder. The construction element of the game is pleasing and could literally steal hundreds of hours of your life. Combat is what you should expect, easy to control and feels adequate. Aside from a few glitches, some hilarious, others annoying, I've come to the conclusion that Fallout 4 is a solid single player game. Providing hundreds of hours for anyone willing to give themselves over to the allure of the wasteland. With such depth and scope to this game, Bethesda have crafted an experience containing something for everyone.

So I’m going to be honest here, I didn’t quite understand the hype for this game and I wasn’t all that keen on playing it either. I now understand … and I’m sorry world.

After spending North of 30 hours in the wasteland of Fallout 4, I can confidently say I am a fan and I understand the hype. After initially working out how to navigate my surroundings as well as how to use the Pip-boy which I so aptly picked up off somebody’s rotted femur, the game slowly started to take shape for me.


At the beginning of the game we are introduced to our wife and child as well as our robot helper, before receiving a knock at the door. Meeting the Vault Tech employee who advised me that due to my years of service in the military my family and I have been guaranteed a spot in Vault 111. The story very quickly goes on to explain the impending nuclear explosion is coming and before we can gain entry, the Vault Tech guy asks you to tell him some things about yourself in a “Survey” which is actually where you first enter your skill points. Now of course all you Fallout fans from way back know all of this but it was new to me… so you can understand that after I picked my Stats I aptly named this “1st Play” because I thought this was just the name of a save file! Until I spoke and the subtitles showed I had now named myself “1st Play”. Humorous, sure … but I was slightly annoyed at myself and hoped for a way to change it. The last step before finally exiting the Vault  – 200 years in the future – is being given a final option to make any changes to your stats and your name! Praise Bethesda I was saved! And Lostsoldier was born.

Now back to the story. After making my way to the Vault and getting inside just in the nick of time, we are finally locked up safe and sound in our little freezer box. Eventually you are awoken briefly, only to see your wife murdered in front of you and your son kidnapped before being put back to sleep … oh, spoilers! Obviously after seeing this take place when you finally do wake up for good and are able to leave the Vault, the story is solely about finding your son and the man that killed your wife.

Onto some specifics, Fallout’s graphics – although not as remarkable as The Witcher 3’s … or pretty much any other current gen game these days is not all that bad and the scenery still looks quite nice from a far. Buildings are the exception, which look a tad minecrafty … but this game isn’t about graphics, it’s about game play. On that front, I can guarantee you it delivers. Once I was outside the Vault I went exploring, I looked through anything and everything I could find and picked up more shit then is humanly possible to carry! But I love it! I’m now officially a Fallout Hoarder… If I see something on the ground, I take it. What’s that … 5 coffee cups … I will add them to my collection, after all you never know when you’ll need 156 coffee cups. I don’t care if I’ll ever need the object in front of me, if I can take it, I will. It’s also here that I meet my furry companion “Dogmeat” who accompanies me on my journey.


The combat aspects of the game were especially pleasing. Giant cockroaches and rats come at you from all angles and you can punch, stab or shoot your way through them. I found the controls for combat to be quite easy to pick up and the whole thing felt really good. Combat feels just like any third-person shooter you would expect to play and the stabbing motion was quite pleasing to the eye as it looked just as deadly as it has been depicted in virtually every prison film I’ve ever seen.

My main aim was to spend my time sticking to the main story until I completed it and then to go back and look through places and explore the construction side of things … fail.

My first three hours I very slowly made my way out of the start zone after looting everything I could and trying dismally to pick locks for more treasures. I finally made my way from the “Sanctuary” to the next town “Concord,” where I was supposed to be for the main story. It was full of houses, some boarded up, some not. I couldn’t resist. I spent the next hour going through as many of these as I could until I stumbled onto the next mission. Literally, I was trying to jump onto a random roof… but I missed and died (lucky I quick saved before attempting the feat), so I tried again, only this time I thought it would be smarter leaping onto the crashed helicopter first and using it as a bridge. Once I got to the other side I heard people talking and someone asking me for help. So I accidentally stumbled into a giant metal suit of pain and entered the door to help out whoever was asking for it.


After brutally annihilating every man or women in my way, I made it to a room full of people I had rescued, they asked me for further help, so I told them they would owe me after I got them out of the mess and proceeded back up to the roof. I ripped out the mini-gun still attached to the Helicopter, jumped off the building (Luckily someone from my stream told me I wouldn’t take fall damage) and proceeded to gun down everyone left … it was here that I encountered my first “Deathclaw”. A giant beast that I had an epic close encounter with, I barely survived and became the victor much to my streams dismay. According to at least one of them I was very lucky to still be alive. I like to think it’s because I’m incredibly skilled with a mini gun.

Once the Deathclaw was slain I went back inside to collect my rewards. I accepted my gifts and was offered to go with them to a new settlement. I accepted, because why not? Turns out they just wanted to set up shop at my old house before the nuclear explosion.

It was here that I got into crafting, accepting a mission to build some beds and with some help and guidance from the stream I learnt I could trash almost everything for materials. Addiction set in … once I had cleaned out the entire area, I decided to build. First a house, which I filled with necessity’s including beds, before I received another quest to supply water so I made water wells. This game just doesn’t stop with giving you stuff to do and I love it.

After letting myself get distracted along the way by side missions and my loot whoring addiction I finally did find out what happened to my son, I’m not going to spoil that for you, however during the story you will come across many factions in which you can join and who can help you along the way as well as many side quests. You will meet new companions that you can take on your journey with you, I have had some hilarious moments with some of them. Companions can carry items for you when you are carrying too much, assisting in moving faster than a snails pace. I had a female companion with me named Piper, who during our travels I put her in a mech suit and made her carry all my stuff. When it came time to unload I must have taken her clothes off without realising because the next time I asked her to step out the mech-suit she came out in just her underwear!


Another time my robotic detective pal Nick Valentine decided he wanted to have a deep and meaningful conversation with me just after we exited a building where we had killed a squad of bandits. During the cut scene conversation I started to hear a beeping sound. Thinking nothing of it you can imagine my surprise when the next second we were both blown to smithereens! you can actually watch my surprise below.


Even after finding out what happened to my son there were no end credits, but this is a game that never ends, it just goes on and on my friends, some people started playing it not knowing what it was, and they’ll continue playing it forever just because… (The song that never ends) This game offers so much more than the main story. All the side quests, crafting, building, upgrading, looting and destroying things. So many things to do that I don’t know if I will ever fully complete this game … and you know what? I don’t even mind at all.

F41 (1)

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  • Hundreds of hours of content
  • Combat system tons of fun!
  • Crafting system takes looting to a whole new level
  • Story is compelling and the Narratives are concise


  • Glitches
  • Not pushing the boundaries graphically

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