Rocket League – AquaDome Trailer

My favourite car soccer game Rocket League is giving us a new arena free featuring an underwater theme it is appropriately named AquaDome. Two premium aquatic-themed Battle-Cars, Triton and Proteus, will also debut simultaneously with AquaDome (sold separately in the Showroom). Check out the trailer below, the DLC will be available in October.

Sniper Elite 4 – First Gameplay Trailer

For fans of the Sniper Elite series here’s a shiny new trailer showcasing all of your favourite things about said series. It really is hard to explain what happens to a human heart when a bullet flies through it … well now you can watch exactly what happens. The trailer shows off plenty of creative executions, but it sadly there’s no slow-motion shots of a Nazi-bastard losing his...[Read More]

Official Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare – Story Trailer

Granted, there has been a lot of internet hate for the latest outlook from Infinity Ward for sticking to the futuristic style of play and not taking us back to the COD of old, however I cant help but get a little bit excited to play out the story after watching the latest trailer down below. Pre-order Infinite Warfare and get access to the Infinite Warfare Multiplayer Beta, playable first on PS4™ ...[Read More]

Official Destiny: Rise of Iron Launch Trailer

Do you like Game of Thrones? Do you like Destiny? Then this Trailer is for you!

The Last Guardian – GameSpot Expo 2016 Trailer

A new Trailer has arrived for “The Last Guardian” and it’s looking good. “In a strange and mystical land, a young boy discovers a mysterious creature with which he forms a deep, unbreakable bond. The unlikely pair must rely on each other to journey through towering, treacherous ruins filled with unknown dangers. Experience the journey of a lifetime in this touching, emotion...[Read More]

Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III – Announcement Trailer

Sega and Relic Entertainment have announced Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War 3, seven years after the second installment in the much-loved real-time strategy series was released. Check out the trailer below. Slated to arrive on PC in 2017

OFFICIAL: Call of Duty trailer released and Pricing

Call of Duty is returning to its roots for a classic, epic battle of two armies unlike anything seen before in the record-setting series. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare will launch worldwide Friday, November 4, immersing players in a war story that, for the first time in franchise history, extends beyond the reaches of Earth into the vast expanse of our solar system. Published by Activision Publis...[Read More]

UPDATE: Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare trailer revealed

UPDATE: Activision has finally released the official reveal trailer for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and confirmed that the game’s Legacy Edition will include Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered. “Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare returns to the roots of the franchise where large-scale war and cinematic, immersive military storytelling take center stage,” says Activision. R...[Read More]

DOOM – Fight Like Hell Cinematic Trailer

Check out the latest trailer from Bethesda Softworks for DOOM!  

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