The Division

Incursion Zero Damage Glitch – How to (The Division).

Play the Division? Struggle with the new Incursion? Well there’s an exploit and we show you how to use it here. Please note this is an exploit, so use at your own risk. Happy gaming!

The Division – Hot Fix for 1.1

The Division have already deployed a Hot Fix for patch 1.1. There are still outstanding issues such as people having their characters deleted, which will require further investigation, but for now they have fixed some minor details which you can see here or read in full below. Here is the list of changes implemented during the server restart of April 12: Named enemies in Challenge mode will now on...[Read More]

Tom Clancy’s The Division – Incursions Trailer [ANZ]

Tom Clancy’s The Division – Incursion Trailer for patch 1.1 has been released! Check it out below and tell us what you are most excited for. For me, it’s the fact we can trade items now! – Lost Dive into “Incursions”, The Division’s Update 1.1, and learn more about the new activities, features and items that will enable you to make your Agent more powerful...[Read More]

(COMPETITION) Tom Clancy’s The Division: New York Collapse

Loving The Division but looking to get even more from the amazing game? Well, thanks to our friends at Ubisoft, Just Game have three highly sought after copies of New York Collapse to give away. This suspenseful thriller by award-winning games and fiction author Alex Irvine is set in the world of The Division and acts as an illustrated survival guide. Following the findings of April Kelleher New Y...[Read More]

The Division – My time in NYC

I’ve spent a good 60+ hours into The Division now and can safely say with each time I log on there’s always something new and interesting to see. There’s so many building rooftops, alleyways, car parks, Subways and streets to explore that I don’t know if I will ever find everything there is to see. However in the short amount of time I have spent exploring the city I have c...[Read More]

The Division – Jumping Jack glitch

I’m a massive fan of The Division and have easily sunk over 60 hours into this game. On the odd occasion I might see a bug or glitch but this one made me laugh out loud. Check out the footage below and let me know if you have seen this one yourself.

Tom Clancy’s The Division – Patch Notes 1.0.2

THE DIVISION – PATCH NOTES 1.0.2 The most notable change here is they have taken out the capability of farming Phoenix credits by making us say farewell to the Bullet King. R.I.P Here’s the list of changes that will be implemented during the server maintenance on March 22nd, 2016. – Source. GAMEPLAY Named enemies. will now drop better loot in Challenge mode than in Hard mode. Added a cooldow...[Read More]

UBISOFT’S Tom Clancy’s The Division Sets Sales Record

Today, Ubisoft announced ongoing record sell-through sales for Tom Clancy’s The Division, which has grossed more than $330 million  worldwide in its first five days*. Having already broken Ubisoft sales records in the first 24 hours following its release, The Division is now the company’s best-selling game and the industry’s best-selling new game franchise in an opening week. “The Division taking ...[Read More]

The Division – Dark Zone Tips

The Division is the hottest game out at the moment and has quickly taken the title of Ubisoft’s fastest selling game. I can see why with my playtime on it sitting at 35 hours, I will admit I have fallen for this game hook, line and sinker. The main attraction that drew me to The Division was the Dark Zone, an area where players can team up in search of rich rewards or go rogue and try and st...[Read More]

Tom Clancy’s The Division – New TV Trailer “Yesterday”

Ubisoft has released the official TV commercial that would be shown throughout  Australia and New Zealand titled “Yesterday”. Check it out below.

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