Indie Spotlight

Indie Spotlight: Lightning Rock

On April 5, Lightning Rock released their first game – Marble Mountain – and JG caught up with CEO Shannon Pickles to find out more. Lightning Rock is a young, Canberra-based company formed by a group of old friends, who had a range of careers but grew up playing games together. “Our passion for gaming and technology never disappeared however, and every now and then we would talk about turning our...[Read More]

Indie Spotlight: Thing Trunk

Ever found yourself looking at your games library and thinking, I wish I had more time to play these games? I’m sure any lifelong gamer out there can relate to that statement. Well we all grow up and life’s responsibilities begin to stack. Before long, you find yourself with mere slithers of time and an unsatisfiable hunger for a condensed gaming experience which packs in everything you love...[Read More]

Indie Spotlight: Witch Beam Games

WHEN it comes to making it big in the gaming industry, having Sony back your game is an undeniably clear sign you’re doing the right things. The indie developers behind Assault Android Cactus have managed just that, with their arcade-style title listed as a finalist in the PlayStation Plus Vote to Play competition. But, after chatting to the guys behind the title, it was clear that even with...[Read More]

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