Far Cry Primal

Far Cry Primal – My First Rodeo

So I’ll commence by saying Ubisoft’s latest offering in the Far Cry franchise is my first outing in the popular open-world series. I’ve always had the best intentions of sinking hours into the previous releases, but for one reason or another just haven’t. I came pretty close with Far Cry 4, even went as far as buying a copy and installing it on the Xbone … before gett...[Read More]

Far Cry Primal Trophy List

Tomorrow – February 23 – Far Cry Primal will release. For those of you Achievement/Trophy junkies, preparation is key to success. See below for the complete list of Achievements and Trophies! ACHIEVEMENT / TROPHY NAME XBONE PS4 Apex Predator n/a Platinum Obtain all other trophies Here Kitty 20G Bronze Tame the bloodfang sabretooth Big Teddy 20G Bronze Tame the great scar bear Endangere...[Read More]

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