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Samuel is a writing and philosophy student based out of Brisbane. When he’s not writing or theorising about the depiction of time travel in Star Trek he is a constant gamer, willing to play nearly anything anywhere. All disagreements can only be settled by Mortal Kombat.


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DOOM Review

It’s finally here folks, the new DOOM game is out and it is leaving everyone that plays it bloodied and awed. After DOOM 4 was scrapped and sent back to the drawing board and the new version was announced in 2013 all we had to go on is a few trailers and a fun but weakly received multiplayer beta. When Bethesda finally streamed some of the single player it fuelled the fire for how much people want...[Read More]

Uncharted: A Roadmap to Buried Treasure

Uncharted 4 is nearly upon us and we’ve had plenty of gameplay videos, trailers and a multiplayer beta to wet the whistle. The recent multiplayer beta was the first time players could get a glimpse of the game for themselves and it has only helped reinforce why we are so excited for this game. Naughty Dog first announced Uncharted 4 in November of 2013 via a teaser trailer. The trailer showed a ma...[Read More]

Touching the Void: Doom Beta Impressions

I’m running down a corridor towards the demon faced marker on my screen that shows me where the rune has spawned. I switch to the super shotgun to deal with the tight spaces and corners in case an enemy space marine jumps out of nowhere and ambushes me. I round a corner and see the demon rune in front of me. I make a dash for it but don’t check my surroundings. From my left comes an enemy space ma...[Read More]

Doom: A Road Map to Hell

The new Doom game is just around the corner and many of us a chomping at the bit waiting for it. The small amount of gameplay videos and multiplayer teases are barely enough to hold fans in check, but with the closed beta releasing this weekend we get a glimpse at what the next generation of Doom has to offer. That being said it has been a long and meandering road to get here. Doom was first annou...[Read More]

The Path of Walking Simulators

Over the past several years there has been a rise in the first-person genre of a sub-genre which the gaming community has affectionately named Walking Simulators. While the title of the subgenre was borrowed from the third-person game DayZ, it has gradually become synonymous with first-person games in which you play as a character that has minimal interaction with their environment and is witness ...[Read More]

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