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Enjoys solid RPGs and open world games, but is willing to try pretty much any game … apart from Horror. First console was the Gameboy Advance and has been playing ever since.


Cheating has existed as long as humans have and as such it has existed in the entirety of gaming. Whether in solo campaigns or multiplayer cheating can be found in every genre and style of game. But what is seen as cheating? Video games are reliant on rules, arguably it’s those very rules which make video games fun. The reason Tetris plays as it does is because its rules configure that style of pl...[Read More]


Just Good

SpeedRunners Review

What do you get when you combine Crash Team Racing with Super Mario Bros, SpeedRunners. Developed by DoubleDutch Games the side scrolling multiplayer couples the 2D platforming of Super Mario with the combat racing of games like Crash Team Racing. Simple in concept but it succeeds in producing a fun and energetic multiplayer game. Races are composed of yourself and up to three other players. The g...[Read More]

Rainbow Six Siege: Tips to Survive

Rainbow Six Siege is a fantastically chaotic game but even with the training maps it can appear difficult to get a grasp of. After dropping countless hours and dying heaps I have come to better understand the tactics used in the game. Here a few tips and tricks I learnt along the way that helped me to better survive. First off do the training maps, it seems boring and it kind of is but it will hel...[Read More]

We Are The Good Guys … Right?

When we play video games, especially military shooters rarely are we left with the impression of, ‘wow, what I just did was horrible!’ I mean there isn’t really much of anything rather than here is a gun, pull the trigger before they do and make it to the next cut-scene or area. Which is fine and all, but rarely does a game give you an impression of why you’re going on a rampage, who a...[Read More]

Fallout 4 Automatron Trailer

A new trailer has been released by Bethesda showing new DLC for Fallout 4. Titled, Automatron, the DLC will revolve around the player chasing down the character called the Mechanist who has unleashed an army of robots on the Commonwealth. The player will be able to fight hordes of diverse robots and harvest their components to build their own robot companions. From what the trailer shows there wil...[Read More]

Xbox Announces Cross-network Gaming

The long awaited dream of cross-network gameplay may become a reality, with Microsoft announcing that they will be introducing the new feature to Xbox players. Finally allowing PS4, PC and Xbox gamers to play the same games together. Via Microsoft’s Xbox Wire site, Chris Charla says, “First, in addition to natively supporting cross-platform play between Xbox One and Windows 10 games that use Xbox ...[Read More]

Dark Souls: You Died

“You Died.” Anyone who has played Dark Souls understands the meaning of this. As obvious as it may seem it plays as a powerful mechanic in the games series. Being one of the few games that has made failure an important tool for understanding how we choose to play games and what it can teach us about ourselves. The peculiar thing about Dark Souls is in a way it’s paradoxical both in its...[Read More]

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