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Just Games resident Streamer, Horror game fanatic and FPS slayer. Chris aka Lostsoldier is here to keep you up to date on all that is awesome in the gaming world.

DOOM – Fight Like Hell Cinematic Trailer

Check out the latest trailer from Bethesda Softworks for DOOM!  

The Division – My time in NYC

I’ve spent a good 60+ hours into The Division now and can safely say with each time I log on there’s always something new and interesting to see. There’s so many building rooftops, alleyways, car parks, Subways and streets to explore that I don’t know if I will ever find everything there is to see. However in the short amount of time I have spent exploring the city I have c...[Read More]


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Trackmania Turbo review

I had a lot of fun playing this little gem. Trackmania Turbo is another new release from Ubisoft that takes the action off the streets of NYC (Division reference) and takes the action to over 200 car race tracks. This is a fast paced, super fun and often rage inducing game that can be enjoyed not only solo but with up to 4 friends split screen at home in the lounge room! There are multiple game ty...[Read More]

The Division – Jumping Jack glitch

I’m a massive fan of The Division and have easily sunk over 60 hours into this game. On the odd occasion I might see a bug or glitch but this one made me laugh out loud. Check out the footage below and let me know if you have seen this one yourself.

Tom Clancy’s The Division – Patch Notes 1.0.2

THE DIVISION – PATCH NOTES 1.0.2 The most notable change here is they have taken out the capability of farming Phoenix credits by making us say farewell to the Bullet King. R.I.P Here’s the list of changes that will be implemented during the server maintenance on March 22nd, 2016. – Source. GAMEPLAY Named enemies. will now drop better loot in Challenge mode than in Hard mode. Added a cooldow...[Read More]

UBISOFT’S Tom Clancy’s The Division Sets Sales Record

Today, Ubisoft announced ongoing record sell-through sales for Tom Clancy’s The Division, which has grossed more than $330 million  worldwide in its first five days*. Having already broken Ubisoft sales records in the first 24 hours following its release, The Division is now the company’s best-selling game and the industry’s best-selling new game franchise in an opening week. “The Division taking ...[Read More]

Ubisoft Reveals VR Game Werewolves Within

With the internet on the edge of breaking at the news of the PlayStation VR price and release date, Ubisoft have wasted no time in announcing their offering for Virtual Reality … Werewolves Within. Today, Ubisoft revealed Werewolves Within, a game of social deduction that brings the fun of game night with friends to virtual reality. One of the first multiplayer VR games created, The game cap...[Read More]


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Dying Light: The Following Review

Culling Time with Lostsoldier

The Culling is officially in early access and I had the opportunity to get my hands dirty, get wrecked for a while and wreck others. The Culling is shaping up to be a really addictive game and one I can see myself playing/streaming a ton. Check out footage of my play through below. Enjoy.

Uncharted 4 multiplayer open weekend starts this Friday!

After hearing the bad news about Uncharted’s delay we now have some exciting news from Playstation and Naughty Dog as they announce another Uncharted 4 Multiplayer Open Weekend. Following the successful Multiplayer Beta conducted in December 2015, the Open Weekend is going to be available to all PlayStation 4 players to pre-download now from the PlayStation Store, ensuring they can jump stra...[Read More]

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