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The most skilled gamer of the Just Game family (hotly debated), Jason has been playing video games since playing on an Atari 2600.

Dota 2 – Dota Pit Day 1 Results

Day one has finished at Spaladium Arena with Dota 2 fans being treated to some amazing series even with the delays in matches starting. Complexity Gaming easily accounted for Virtus Pro who were using carry XBOCT as a stand in for their normal carry player Silent, who was unable to participate due to health issues. This is not to discredit Complexity Gaming who look very strong and are definitely ...[Read More]

Dota2 – Dota Pit Season 4 LAN Final

The Dota Pit Season 4 LAN Finals will be held this weekend at Spaladium Arena in Split, Croatia. Four qualifier teams join the four invited teams that hail from Europe, America and Asia will compete for a stake in the $200,000 USD prize pool. First Place will receive a lion’s share of 50% of the price pool while 2nd will receive 24% and 3rd to 4th will take home 13%. The four invited teams a...[Read More]

Star Wars Battlefront – Outer Rim Gameplay Trailer

EA has released a gameplay trailer for their new upcoming DLC Outer Rim releasing on March 22nd check it out below! The Outer Rim is the first of four DLC packs to be released as part of the Star Wars Battlefront Season Pass.   The DLC will feature the following: New Maps Sullust Jabba the Hutt’s palace on Tatooine New Weapons Relby V-10 rifle DT-12 blaster pistol New Star Cards Scatter...[Read More]

The Division – Dark Zone Tips

The Division is the hottest game out at the moment and has quickly taken the title of Ubisoft’s fastest selling game. I can see why with my playtime on it sitting at 35 hours, I will admit I have fallen for this game hook, line and sinker. The main attraction that drew me to The Division was the Dark Zone, an area where players can team up in search of rich rewards or go rogue and try and st...[Read More]

Trident – Joins SMITE Oceanic Pro League

Trident has announced they will be entering a team in Season 3 of the OPL for SMITE by picking up team Ghazali Jaffa. The SMITE scene is going from strength to strength and Trident joins this highly competitive league which has $100,000 in prize money this year alone. The prize money will be divided between all the splits of the year, with split one already under way. Trident’s line-up is as...[Read More]

Hearthstone – Whispers of the Old Gods Cinematic Trailer

Along with the announcement of the new expansion (Whispers of the Old Gods) for Hearthstone, Blizzard have released a cinematic trailer which you can watch below!   Also, Reddit user deviouskat89, a moderator in the Hearthstone subreddit has released some more information which we have listed here. “To start getting everyone excited about building cool C’thun synergy decks, everyone wil...[Read More]

DOOM – Multiplayer Trailer

DOOM’s multiplayer is here and my goodness it is fast, gory and action packed. The trailer features various weapons, characters and even the ability to change into a demon! This will be the first game Doom series since the Doom 3 in 2004 and this game certainly looks like they will be bringing back the series with a vengeance. There will be a Closed Beta between March 31 and April 3 for players th...[Read More]

Shanghai Major – Finale and Aftermath

Team Secret has taken out the Shanghai Major defeating Team Liquid 3-1 to win it’s first Valve tournament as a team and take home $1.1 million winners purse. Team Secret were not seen as a top team coming into the competition even though they were runners up at the Frankfurt Major with many Dota analysts not even having them in their top 6. Team Secret proved their doubters wrong, defeating ...[Read More]

The Culling – Launch Trailer – Xaviant

Xaviant have released a launch trailer coinciding with their announcement that their game The Culling will be released early on Steam. Players can scavenge items, craft weapons and build traps to receive all the glory of the last man standing. The trailer features lots of different weapons and ways to kill your opponents and it seems that with all this diversity each game will offer a unique exper...[Read More]

The Culling – Released Early

The Culling was originally meant to be released on Steam via early access on March 8th, but developer Xaviant Games have surprised everyone releasing it early. The developers must have been working overtime after last week’s closed alpha to get this ready for us gamers to enjoy. Xaviant Games CEO Michael McMain sent out an email explaining why they have decided to launch the game early. The ...[Read More]

Shanghai Major – More Drama

The drama continues for the Shanghai Major with everything from glue stinging players eyes to keyboard’s being lost. Following on from the first couple of days issues, the event is not getting any better for Valve or Perfect World. Team Spirit announced that their game would be delayed due to the Major’s staff loosing Ramzes666 keyboard. This appeared to have a knock on affect as the l...[Read More]

Uncharted 4 – Delayed

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End has again been delayed. Sony and Naughty Dog have moved back the release date of Uncharted 4 two weeks to May 10, 2016. Posted on the PlayStation Blog, PlayStation’s Shawn Layden said, “In an effort to meet the considerable worldwide demand, and to ensure that all gamers worldwide have the opportunity to play the game on day one, we have chosen to postp...[Read More]

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