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The most mildly incompetent gamer of the Just Game crew, James' gaming life has been spread far and wide - stretching everywhere from Diablo II to Diablo III.

First Look: Champions of Anteria

Ubisoft has announced its latest foray into PC gaming with Champions of Anteria, a tactical real-time strategy hack ‘n’ slash game. Set in the eponymous Anteria, Champions tells the story of a group of heroes attempting to reclaim their kingdom as they traverse and explore the under-siege and warring regions. For each mission, players choose three of the selectable five heroes – ...[Read More]

What happened to RTS games?!

Going back 15 or 20 years – before the online revolution truly took a hold of the video game landscape – Real-Time Strategy (RTS) games were one of the driving forces behind the industry. The Age of Empires series had taught kids more about history than any lesson at school could ever hope. Warcraft III had established Blizzard as one of, if not the, biggest gaming companies in the wor...[Read More]

Hearthstone: Whispers Of The Old Gods – Expansion Announced

Hearthstone‘s third expansion set has finally been announced, with Blizzard revealing the title of ‘Whispers of the Old Gods’ setting the scene for the game’s most important changes so far. Set to be available in late-April/early-May, ‘Whispers’ is based around the World of Warcraft lore regarding the evil Old Gods and their denizens. As with the previous two ex...[Read More]

The Sky isn’t the Limit for No Man’s Sky

Over the past decade there has been a pretty notable trend of space-based games receiving large amounts of pre-release hype – almost always to the perceived detriment of the game. 2014’s Destiny had the hype-train running for years prior to launch, with an almost-expectation that the game would quite possibly become the biggest game in history – partly due to the Developer, Bungi...[Read More]

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