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30 years of age, living in Melbourne, Victoria. Married to the love of my life and father to a gorgeous little girl. I self-published my first novella in October 2013 and have since released another two. Not a fanboy, just a lover of all things gaming … I play PS3, PS4, Xbox One & PC.

Gears of War 4 Release Date & Cover Art Announced

Gears of War 4 will launch on October 11 as an Xbox One exclusive. Microsoft announced the release date on it’s blog and Entertainment Weekly fanned the excitement fire by showing off the cover art. The image features the new game’s squad, JD, Kait and Del. JD is Marcus Fenix’s son and Gears 4 will take place 25 years after the events of the original trilogy. Xbox’s blogpos...[Read More]

We Played Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Just Game Australia had the pleasure of attending a demonstration of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End today in sunny Sydney. Tucked away in Surry Hills in an unassuming office building were 10 screens lined up side by side, each paused in the middle of gameplay. Things kicked off quickly, Arne Meyer – Community Strategist from Naughty Dog – wasted little time introducing himself and setting the sc...[Read More]


Just Good

Quantum Break Review

My name is Jack Joyce. I’m an attractive young man with the world at my feet. I’m well-connected. My mate’s a pretty big deal in the science world and he’s working on stuff that’s so important and complex that I lose focus and drift off when he tells me about it. Something to do with time travel or some such. Oh, my brother Will … he’s also pretty decent w...[Read More]

Destiny Update 2.2.0 – April 13

Destiny Update 2.2.0 will deploy on April 13, providing new ways to level up and customise Guardians. Here are the highlights to take note of: New PVE challenges New and updated gear A new quest featuring the Blighted Chalice Strike Increased Mac Light and Rewardss Sandbox and Crucible updates Thursday, March 31 at 5:00am AEDT you can tune into Bungie’s Twitch stream to watch Bungie’s ...[Read More]

My Nintendo & MiiTOMO Services Launching March 31

On March 31 Australians will be able to download Miitomo, Nintendo’s first ever smart device application. The app, which recently launched in Japan has already passed one million downloads, is a free-to-start social experience using Mii characters to interact. Once users have downloaded the app for free they can create a Mii character or import their Mii from their Wii U or 3DS system using ...[Read More]

Shadow of Mordor 2 Coming?

Monolith Productions have been busy at work developing an unannounced title for the past two years. According to the CV of a notable stunt actress Lauren Mary Kim (first reported by NerdLeaks) she’s been working on motion capture work for Shadow of Mordor 2. It seems mention of the game has since been removed from her CV, interestingly so has Suicide Squad and the Mafia 3 Trailer. All of whi...[Read More]

UNCHARTED 4: A Thief’s End | Heads or Tails

In the latest trailer for Uncharted 4 we see Nathan Drake evaluating whether all the time he’s spent chasing riches has been worth it. Uncharted 4 is releasing May 10, 2016 after a slew of delays.

Ratchet & Clank – Story Trailer | PS4

Ratchet & Clank for the PlayStation 4 is looking gorgeous. The latest trailer shows more gameplay and gives players insight into what they can expect from the storyline. The game is releasing on April 12 for those lucky enough to reside in the United States … for us Australians however, we’ll have to wait until April 20.

Star Fox Zero – Let’s Rock & Roll Trailer

Star Fox Zero is the sixth instalment in the Star Fox series and is releasing on Nintendo Wii U on April 21, 2016.

20th Anniversary PS4 Sells for $4300

One lucky eBay user managed to secure the coveted 20th Anniversary PlayStation 4 this afternoon at 2:00pm AEDT. In the last sixty minutes of the auction, the price climbed from $3000 to the final sale price of $4300. What does $4300 get, you might ask … well the 20th anniversary edition of the popular PlayStation 4 console is one of only 12,300 in existence, and one of only 150 in Australia!...[Read More]

Indie Spotlight: Thing Trunk

Ever found yourself looking at your games library and thinking, I wish I had more time to play these games? I’m sure any lifelong gamer out there can relate to that statement. Well we all grow up and life’s responsibilities begin to stack. Before long, you find yourself with mere slithers of time and an unsatisfiable hunger for a condensed gaming experience which packs in everything you love...[Read More]

Uncharted 4 – Has Gone Gold!

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is officially ready for the world to play, with the announcement of development on the title going ‘gold’. News was made official by way of Twitter, where Neil Druckmann (co-director of the game) shared an image of his own copy of the game. Every journey must come to an end. #gold #uncharted4 — Neil Druckmann (@Neil_Druc...[Read More]

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