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Charlie is a British-Australian-Irish writer, Destiny hater and general cynic. When he's not denying the existence of things more important than video games, Charlie writes short stories, binges Game of Thrones and finds a way to complain about anything.

Game Vivisection: Why Didn’t They Just Call It Monster Hunt-oh wait

A short while ago I felt a yearning. My life had been ruled by an endless repeat of shooting aliens and grabbing blue hexagonal prisms as I replayed Destiny in order to properly assess its value after almost a year off in rehab. Now I can safely say it was a mistake. So burnt out I was, with the Cryptarch’s stupid giggles as I bought him another engram and he laughed at my dejected face when it tu...[Read More]

Game Vivisection: Destined for Disappointment

Yes, I know, I missed last week. I have a special rant here as recompense. Don’t kill me please. What’s this big, special rant about you ask? Ever cautious as you fire up the whipper-snipper for possible flensing. Well, back in 2013 E3 had me hooked on one particular offering, the sci-fi space opera sure to be 10/10 then known as Destiny. Of course, the promise of limitless exploration, awesome gu...[Read More]

Game Vivisection: Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey

Happy New Time Travel Game Day readers! Let us all sit back and take the day to celebrate the new contender in the ring of nonsensical circle jerking known as time travel fiction: Quantum Break! Yes, this hybrid of low budget T.V show and underdeveloped game is surely the next Doctor Who rival for greatest mind bending T.V show in every possible locale across time and space. But suddenly, as this ...[Read More]

Game Vivisection: Sunset Overdone

So the new Ratchet and Clank game is out, and being utterly ignorant of its existence up until quite recently I am unfit to comment on it. What I do know is that the early PS2 games were absolutely brilliant, with Rachet and Clank 3 ranking as one of my favourite games. The new revitalisation may be Rancid and Crap for all I know (although what I’ve seen states otherwise), so we’re going to talk a...[Read More]

Game Vivisection: I Can See Your Halo

So today we’re chopping up a series once close to my heart, but now thrown to one side because of console choice and the fact the games gradually have worsened. Yes, my friends we’re talking about Halo, the sci-fi epic that brought Xbox almost all of its fans and what continuously pisses them off to this day. Now in the opinion of the masses this series has faced a somewhat rapid drop in quality s...[Read More]

Game Vivisection: Hollowing Out Dark Souls

So with the highly anticipated arrival of Dark Souls III, I decided to divert this Vivisection to a core concept of the Souls series. Constant death. Now, as we all know the Souls series is about punishing difficulty and indirect storytelling. However, all through the series there has been an emphasis on showing rather than telling, except what’s shown is a tad obtuse and/or hiding behind those tw...[Read More]


Just Good

Samorost 3 Review

What do you get when you cross a surrealist art project with one of the most obscure puzzlers I’ve ever seen? Well usually it’s something akin to murderous disgust from me, but in this case you get Samorost 3. For those who are immediately worried about missing out on details, don’t worry, you’ll barely understand the game anyway so you’re not missing much. From what I can gather from the im...[Read More]

Game Vivisection: Stepping Out Of The Metro & Into The Wastes

Yes there has been a title change, deal with it. Underground train stations being re-purposed as living space for a colourful variety of fake Russians is all well and good, and Metro: Last Light is an excellent game. Okay now that we’ve got that out of the way lets delve into something I want more of, post nuclear war Russia. Now before Putin sends some secret police members or something to ...[Read More]

Game Dissection: How to Fix a Titanflop

Titanfall was a classic case of over-hyping being the instant death of continued popularity. Not that it was a particularly bad game, it’s incredibly fun to rush around the field of battle jumping around on a jet-pack. However, being two hours long has it’s disadvantages. Especially when that two hours was literally the same thing over and over. Also, the story not only sucks, but is barely presen...[Read More]

Game Dissection: The Netherrealms of Writing

So here’s a somewhat contested opinion, NetherRealm is not the best at creating a coherent storyline. Now don’t instantly jump onto your keyboards in a fit of blind rage Mortal Kombat fans, because I myself actually really like this game … however, this is focusing on something that isn’t NetherRealm’s capacity to make us all cringe because someone just had their spine removed. Mortal Kombat...[Read More]

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