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Ben is a writer, live streamer and all around gamer currently hiding out in Australia. He grew up with all manner of gaming culture and continues that exploration today.


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Persona 5 Review

Persona 5 is the slick JRPG experience we’ve been waiting for with bated breath. It not only stands apart from the previous titles in a unique way, but gives you a world to lose yourself to for a whole year, and wish it was longer. This is a game I’ve been waiting for personally since the first announcement, and one of the few titles I actually believed would be a guaranteed solid experience. The ...[Read More]

Ghost Recon: Wildlands Review

There is a fine line between keeping tactical co-op fun and engaging, and tripping over its own gameplay and single player experience. Ghost Recon manages to not only keep the two play styles seamless, but feels rewarding at whichever pace you chose. Throwing you straight into the mix right after character creation, Ghost Recon is pretty much your personal playground from the get go. Either alone ...[Read More]


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For Honor Review

For Honor is an interesting mix of many different elements, yet falls into its own to become a unique flavour of medieval action warfare with a style unlike anything else out there. When I picked up For Honor I wasn’t sure this would be the game for me, partly because of the competitive side of the multiplayer, but mostly because I didn’t really know what was on offer beyond the combat. Quite a fe...[Read More]

A Look Back at No Man’s Sky

So it’s been a good while since No Man’s Sky has come out, to some pretty mixed feedback at that, and given the updates and changes I thought why not check it out with a new set of eyes. Perhaps the updates to the world give it something it missed from the beginning, maybe it simply has now what it always needed from the start. I got a fresh perspective on something I didn’t see much of pre-patche...[Read More]


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Yakuza 0 Review

It was somewhere between smashing down thugs with a giant traffic cone, singing karoke with my bro before investigating a sinister murder that I knew Yakuza 0 would be something special. It’s very own kind of special at that. I’ve heard many a good thing about the Yakuza series over the years, but sadly never got into the games myself. Hearing that a prequel to the franchise was on its way to the ...[Read More]


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The Last Guardian Review

The Last Guardian is a game we’ve been waiting ten years for now, and despite a beautiful aesthetic with some heart, time has not been kind. I was never originally interested in The Last Guardian, partly because I had no means to play it for a long time, but also because it always seemed less likely to come out whenever news was released. The fact that I do now have the means to play it, goes to s...[Read More]


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WoW: Legion Review

It’s been roughly five years since I put down my staff and walked away from World of Warcraft. I did not think I would ever return to the lands of Azeroth, and in the words of Illidan, I was not prepared. For a returning player like myself, Legion was a great return to form for Blizzard. Taking up my new war glaives and setting out to make Illidan proud, I played the new Demon Hunter class for the...[Read More]


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Overwatch Review

Nothing quite cemented my experience in the Overwatch beta more than teleporting clean into the middle of the entire enemy team as Reaper while they hid behind the Payload. As I unleashed my ultimate and watched the body count rise while Reaper growled “Die..Die…Die..Die!” I knew I had the play of the game, and where many hours would be spent in the near future. Overwatch is the new big thing from...[Read More]

Overwatch: Blizzards Next Step

Long ago I considered myself a rather big fan of the monolith that is Blizzard, back when the Warcraft series existed without the “World of” and the company themselves had a reputation as crafters of great, well told, contained experiences within the then younger games medium. Today however I’ve drifted from the title of fan and often sit back with little more than a nod of appreciation and ...[Read More]

Monster Hunter Generations for the West

A new Monster Hunter is on the way to the west, and for once in a long time, it’s not an ultimate edition! Monster Hunter Generations, or Monster Hunter Cross in Japan, has just been announced for perhaps the quickest release internationally Monster Hunter has seen to date. Ironically I feel divided about this long desired news, we finally get to have our cake and eat it the same as Japan, now wit...[Read More]

Pokémon Sun & Moon – New Starter Pokémon

Details about the eagerly awaited new Pokémon game, Sun and Moon, came out of hiding today as we got a look at some first time gameplay, new locations and the announcement of the new starter Pokémon along with the respective Sun and Moon Legendaries. I admit I was pretty excited for this during the initial reveal, but enough time has passed that I’ve settled back into a calmer interest for what’s ...[Read More]

Persona 5 Release Date Announced

Last night the long taunting countdown clock on Atlus’s Persona 5 home page crawled to its inevitable fate at zero, and with it brought us a live stream and a whole boatload of information. The live stream itself was a mix of live action and game footage, as a reporter stood outside the famous Tokyo Tower while the cast of Persona 5 were supposedly conducting a heist during the stream. It was a co...[Read More]

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