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22 years old and living in Melbourne, I am writer, musician and lover of anything fantasy. I’ve been hooked on video games since Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue in 2000, and I love anything Lord of the Rings related.


Just Great

Total War: Warhammer Review

Something special has blown in upon the winds of magic – armies carve bloody death while the total war series breathes new life. As my Dwarfen slayer-king slew a gigantic creature of chaos, I sat triumphant. The chaos were driven from our lands, the empire reclaimed its northern provinces, and I felt a satisfaction I had never before felt in a Total War game. I had overcome many obstacles, spent m...[Read More]

Total War: Warhammer – Impressions

This is not a review. There will be one, in depth, when I have had enough time with the game, but this is just my first impression after a weekend with it. Perhaps the most telling thing is that I had to tear myself away from Total War: Warhammer in order to submit this in time. It is big, it is fun, and it is a breath of fresh air for the Total War franchise. Total War has always been separated i...[Read More]

Video Games That Should Definitely Be Made Into Films

For almost as long as video games have existed, there have been games based off popular movies. Atari’s 1982 E.T game was bad, rushed for Christmas release, and set the tone for decades of mediocrity for games based off films. Unfortunately, this translation of beloved entertainment into bland pointlessness is a two way street, and the past is littered with terrible movies looking to make a quick ...[Read More]

Just a Thought: Dark Souls 3 is Secretly Terrible

There is a fable by Hans Christian Andersen called The Emperor’s New Clothes, I’m sure you’ve heard of it. The story is that two weavers promise to make the emperor a garment that is invisible to anyone who is stupid or unfit for their position. The problem is not that everyone is convinced he is actually wearing the magical garb, but that it has an in-built defense mechanism, so anyone who points...[Read More]

Just a Thought: Why the Australian Government Should Fund the Video Game Industry

Our political system is, in very, very basic terms, a push and pull between the left wanting to spend money and the right wanting to save it. However, providing funding for the video games industry offers the Liberal party two things they appear to love and value above all else. I’m talking about jobs and growth. Simply, and I’ll go into more depth later, we are at a perfect time to turn Australia...[Read More]

Just a Thought: Annual Release Cycles

It’s a strange feeling, being happy to hear a popular developer will not be releasing a game. That’s exactly how I felt upon learning Ubisoft would not be bringing us an Assassin’s Creed title this year. This is a company responsible for two of my absolute favorite games (Prince of Persia: Sands of time, and Assassin’s Creed 2), but their stock has fallen rapidly of late. A series that was once a ...[Read More]

Just a Thought: The Cost of Microtransactions & DLC

The Internet age has dramatically changed the way we consume products. Largely gone are the days where you would wander into your local game store and swap a couple of Nintendo games in for $5 off Super Smash Bros. Now many of us are connected to the internet 24/7 through our phones; we buy clothes, books, rhinestones, and basically anything online. Even movie hire stores are shutting down because...[Read More]

TW: Warhammer – DLC & Free-LC Announced

The development team behind Total War: Warhammer have recently revealed their plans for an array of post-release DLC, and it sets a positive precedence for the rest of the game. In their development blog the developers lay out their release plan for free downloadable content, including new heroes, units, Legendary Lords, and even a brand new playable race. Though players will likely have to wait u...[Read More]

Just a Thought: YouTube & Video games

In recent years video gaming and YouTube have enjoyed a symbiotic relationship. YouTube channels get access to a game – often prior to release – and are allowed to play them and farm the views from their excited audience. Conversely, game developers are allowed almost free advertisement to a broad, yet targeted audience. This is not without dubious legal and moral quandaries to wade through, so I ...[Read More]

Indie Spotlight: Lightning Rock

On April 5, Lightning Rock released their first game – Marble Mountain – and JG caught up with CEO Shannon Pickles to find out more. Lightning Rock is a young, Canberra-based company formed by a group of old friends, who had a range of careers but grew up playing games together. “Our passion for gaming and technology never disappeared however, and every now and then we would talk about turning our...[Read More]


Just Okay

Marble Mountain Review

Marble Mountain is a puzzle/platformer from Canberra–based studio Lightningrock, and is enjoyable despite some gameplay shortcomings. Note: Marble Mountain was playable with VR technology at PAX in Melbourne last year, earning the praise of Greens senator Scott Ludlam, and is the first addition to the VR section in my Steam library. Unfortunately, I do not have access to a Virtual Reality unit, so...[Read More]

GTA 6: Five things I’d like to see

With the wild success enjoyed by Grand Theft Auto 5, a new instalment from Rockstar’s series was never in doubt, but as rumours swirl about an announcement of GTA 6, the time seems right for a little wish list. So here are five things I (personally) would like to see in GTA 6: A more meaningful endgame. As has become standard with open world and sandbox games, GTA 5 allowed the player to roam the ...[Read More]

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