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Just Game was founded in December 2015, with the website officially live February 1st 2016.

At JG we’re passionate about giving gamers what they want … gaming content. We do things a little differently, sure we post the latest news and videos for upcoming games (like other outlets) but we also aim to give you original content as well. Whether it’s our unique take on news and reviews, or Chris and David having fun on The Dad Gamers Channel … with JG you can always trust the content will be relevant, with a dash of our own strange point-of-view thrown in.

We try to keep things quick, incorporating a TL;DR approach to whatever we post, this ensures you get the information you want and can get back to doing what you love – gaming. It’s for this very reason we have a TL;JG on everything we publish!

Well that’s enough about Just Game the business … take a moment and gaze into the eyes of our wonderful team!

About Us
David Chattaway
Co-Founder / PR & Social Media Lead

31 years of age, living in Melbourne, Victoria. Married to the love of my life and father to a gorgeous little girl. Not a fanboy, just a lover of all things gaming … I play PS4, Xbox One & PC.

psn: inmypants | xboxlive: qpantydrop

About Us
Chris Allan aka Lostsoldier
Co-Founder / Video Editor

34 years of age, living in Melbourne, Victoria. Dad of two beautiful kids and a husband to one lucky lady. I have been gaming for over 25 years … can you say that? Haha, you can catch me playing games on-the-line or streaming over at twitch.tv/lostsoldier23 – Be sure to drop a follow and say hi sometime!

@lostsoldier23 | facebook

About Us
Ben Stewart
Editor & Content Lead

Ben is a writer, live streamer and all around gamer currently hiding out in Australia. He grew up with all manner of gaming culture and continues that exploration today.

About Us
Jason Rodgers

31 years of age, living in Melbourne, Victoria. Married to the girl of my dreams who is also a self confessed gamer. The most skilled gamer of the Just Game family. I play PS3, PS4, Xbox One and PC.

@jasonjustgame | facebook

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