My first time at PAX

Hello my friends! So this is something I have been meaning to post up but in the midst of my day job and family life I let it slip so for this, I am deeply sorry. I was granted a Media Pass for PAX this year and as awesome as that felt, knowing this was also going to be my first time attending PAX made it even more special.

I am going to go ahead and let you all in on a little secret, Media Passes sound special but you don’t get anything more than a regular attendee. I didn’t get to cut lines or enter special doors and areas, we have the same passes as everyone else however we stand out to Indie game devs so they know they can have a chat to us to help spread the word on their games.

I spent one day at PAX this year, the Saturday and I can honestly say that is all you need unless you plan on going to all the panels spread across the 3 days. I didn’t do that myself this year, infact, I didn’t do anything media related because I wanted to experience PAX myself and let my inner child run wild (because the wife gave me a PAX free day which meant no kids!)

From the moment I arrived with my 2 best mates in tow I was pumped. The venue was huge, the people flowing to the venue felt like a stream of nerds converging into a centralized location where we can unleash and geekgasm together. Gross right?

Once we obtained our media passes we met up with some fellow media writers from websites such as DYEGB and The Popculturists and then took off to gain entrance, in doing so we took our special guest Ryan from the PC with us and worked our way into a large garage which was set up like a cattle pen. They had sections set up in which they would herd people into until it was full, then lock it up and open the next section to do the same. As I stood around in my cattle pen waiting for the gates to release and herd me into the slaughter house of games I took note of how many people were around us and how excited everyone was, it was a really cool moment in time for me.

People love PAX, they love to get together and see all the new and exciting content that’s coming from AAA games and Indie games, they love dressing up as some of their favorite game characters and most of them look pretty damn amazing too! They love watching the pro’s play and getting a chance to play with them, get some autographs and of course, buy stuff at a discounted rate.

Once my cage was unlocked and we were herded into the giant arena I didn’t know what to do with myself. It was so MASSIVE that I was overwhelmed with where to start. Lucky for me, it may have been my first time but it sure wasn’t David or Ryan’s (PC) so after checking out he Playstation stand and finding out we couldn’t line up for the VR because it was fully booked, we moved along to find something fun to do.

We walked around for hours, checking out every stand and seeing what they had to offer, there was a lot of VR and if you wanted to wait around for over an hour for a shot you could! But I am not that patient and wanted to soak in the atmosphere and see it all.

I managed to play some Counter Strike for a little while in one booth and even got to play some of Ubisofts upcoming title STEEP because there happened to be no line at the time we got there. It is actually a fun game and a lot harder than it looks.

FOR HONOR is my most anticipated game for next year. I was right next to it as they were playing it alongside the STEEP booth but again the line up was for over an hour. If I hadn’t played the Alpha I would have lined up and spent all day there but I knew I had to get out and experience other things… new things… but my god I cant wait for this game! (check out my FOR HONOR Alpha impressions here)

The Indie section in PAX is huge! And there is a lot of talent in that area, I saw some fantastic little games and everyone there seemed to be having a ball. I didn’t spend too much time in this section because honestly, you could spend all 3 days here alone. There are so many games on offer to play that you wouldn’t need to go anywhere else.

I have to admit something to you all, I have a problem. I am a serial buyer. I buy things, whether I need them or not, I buy them. I found a giant mouse pad, like extra large that is for the keyboard and the mouse, I tried to not buy it… but I ended up going back for it before I left.

We also came across the ASTRO booth and it was here I found some interesting news. SCUFF is now in Australia! I have never owned a Scuff before but I had always been interested. But I was put off by some horror stories and being in the US sounded like a hassle if anything went wrong. Well we don’t need to worry about that anymore because as of the 18th November Scuff will be operating in Australia with full Australian Warranty and because of this, I bought my first Scuff for my PS4.

So if you are still reading up to this point, thank you! PAX was a great experience and I look forward to doing it all again next year.

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