Monster Hunter Generations for the West

Monster Hunter 3DS

A new Monster Hunter is on the way to the west, and for once in a long time, it’s not an ultimate edition! Monster Hunter Generations, or Monster Hunter Cross in Japan, has just been announced for perhaps the quickest release internationally Monster Hunter has seen to date. Ironically I feel divided about this long desired news, we finally get to have our cake and eat it the same as Japan, now with the knowledge we will one day have to think about buying the inevitable ultimate edition that was previously all Australia got. Either way it’s always nice when gaming companies remember we exist out here, so it’s good news for Monster Hunter fans and 3DS players alike.

I’m certainly interested in seeing what changes this title brings, as it seems to contained a healthy mix of new mechanics, locations and monsters, as well as revisiting elements from the 3rd and 4th games. As long as they didn’t break the insect glaive I think we’ll get along just fine.

Along with the news, Nintendo released a statement about some of the changes the new title will be bringing with it, pushing the new upgrades players have been excited about since the initial news hit.

“Monster Hunter Generations allows players to take on a variety of unique monsters in over 20 different hunting locations, either solo or in local and online multiplayer modes,” says Nintendo. “By collecting items from their hunts, players can craft more powerful weapons and armour, allowing even more dangerous quests to be taken on. With the choice of four different Hunting Styles and spectacular Hunter Arts special moves to equip, Monster Hunter Generations is the most customisable Monster Hunter experience yet.”

Generations will be released on July 15th along with a new special edition bundle containing a special edition red Monster Hunter 3DS XL System with a pre-installed copy of Monster Hunter Generations on the same date at an unconfirmed price. There will also be a free demo available on the e-store before launch at an unknown date.

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