Pokémon Sun & Moon – New Starter Pokémon

Details about the eagerly awaited new Pokémon game, Sun and Moon, came out of hiding today as we got a look at some first time gameplay, new locations and the announcement of the new starter Pokémon along with the respective Sun and Moon Legendaries. I admit I was pretty excited for this during the initial reveal, but enough time has passed that I’ve settled back into a calmer interest for what’s to come with this new generation, and so far it looks pretty good from what we’ve got. The little information we have tells us of the new location called the Alola region, a far more tropical location then we’ve seen before that’s clearly heavily inspired by Hawaii.

Not only that but it seems like Sun and Moon have a tighter focus on a 3rd person perspective than the previous titles. I’m personally curious to see where this goes as the series has slowly been experimenting with their camera in recent titles for a while now. While traditionally more of a top down view, the games have been gradually evolving to something a little more cinematic to show off their revamped approach to environments and gameplay. Camera talk aside though, I’m curious to see how the gameplay has evolved if at all in this new title.

Speaking of evolving though, we also got a look at the new generation of starters. This being the Grass / Flying type Rowlet, Fire type Litten and Water type Popplio. I’m definitely tossing up between the first two, Popplio seems like a bit of a boring design honestly, but I guess we’ll see how they each turn out later down the line. On a side note though, that Moon legendary looks pretty epic.

Sun and Moon

Sun and Moon will be released in Japan and the US on November 18, 2016, with a November 23 release for Europe. Nice to see some people can announce their international release dates, I’m looking at you Atlus.

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