First Look: Champions of Anteria


Ubisoft has announced its latest foray into PC gaming with Champions of Anteria, a tactical real-time strategy hack ‘n’ slash game.

Set in the eponymous Anteria, Champions tells the story of a group of heroes attempting to reclaim their kingdom as they traverse and explore the under-siege and warring regions.

For each mission, players choose three of the selectable five heroes – all of whom have different skill sets and tactical usefulness – to take on the challenges and enemies which await them.

The heroes each have control over a different element (water, fire, metal, nature, and lightning), which all match up well against other different types of power, making the hero choice integral to mission success.

However the most unique characteristic of Champions is its use of a pause feature at any point of the game, allowing for increased tactical control during battles.

On early inspection, Champions seems an interesting combination of X-COM and Diablo, with the mixture of real-time and in-game pausing putting a great focus on the tactical aspect of the game.

Take a look at Champions’ site here and its Facebook page here.

Champions of Anteria is set to be released on August 30. 

Key features

  • Elemental power strengths versus other types
  • Tactical pause function in-game
  • Freedom of choice for what you do, with whom, and where
  • In-game actions affect other areas of the game
  • Boss battles
  • Upgradeable and craftable in-game items (armour, weapons, potions, etc.)
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