DOOM – Player Progression & Customisation

Are you classy or flashy? Subtle or over-the-top? Whatever your style, DOOM’s in-depth player customization will let you express yourself when you step into the multiplayer arena on May 13. As you level up, you’ll unlock tons of gear, paint colors for your armor and weapons, and much more. You can get a taste for some of the customization options in the video below.

The open Beta commences 2:00pm AEST Friday April 15 and concludes 1:59pm AEST Monday April 18.

Just Game’s Samuel Landy went hands on with the closed Beta and gave JG readers his impressions, saying he, “welcomes Dooms over-the-top horror, sci-fi action with open arms.”

JG also put id Software under the microscope and reviewed how the Door franchise has evolved over the years. Check out our article, “A Road Map to Hell” here.


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