GTA 6: Five things I’d like to see

With the wild success enjoyed by Grand Theft Auto 5, a new instalment from Rockstar’s series was never in doubt, but as rumours swirl about an announcement of GTA 6, the time seems right for a little wish list.

So here are five things I (personally) would like to see in GTA 6:

  • A more meaningful endgame.

As has become standard with open world and sandbox games, GTA 5 allowed the player to roam the world, completing side-missions and generally playing around with the millions they made. While most players simply turn off after the final mission, it would be really nice to play out some of the impact you’ve had on the world. Whether this is in the form of missions based on your choices, running a growing crime empire, or even just aesthetic changes. Driving around as a hugely successful crime lord should make the endgame experience different from that when your character was a nobody.

  • More ways to spend your hard-earned/stolen money.

Of course, throughout GTA 5’s story you were able to spend your cash on cars, guns, outfits, and rounds of golf. I would like to see players given the ability to spend their money on more vanity projects. Specifically, the ability to buy new property and deck it out would be incredibly appealing to many players. Want to spend $100mil on a skyscraper? Yes. Want to buy an Italian restaurant and completely redo the décor and run the business? Sure. Perhaps have that restaurant as a front for your lucrative drug syndicate? Absolutely. Fallout 4 introduced a flawed but enjoyable base-building mechanic, and people became lost in it for weeks. Having the ability to buy a mansion and personalise to a large extent would be a welcome way to spend our in-game cash.

  • A female playable character.

Let’s be real here, for all the awesome things about this franchise, its representation of women has been… below par. No I’m not talking about the prostitutes. No I’m not even talking about Michael’s bikini clad, pornstar daughter. I’m talking about agency. Think hard throughout all of the GTA games you’ve played for instances where a female character has actually done something to actively move the story forwards. The pickings are slim. GTA 5 introduced a very effective method for having multiple playable characters, and there is no reason GTA 6 can’t have the same thing involving a woman. It won’t even lessen the badassery, because all you have to do is cast Michelle Rodriguez. This really is a trend we need to start seeing more in video games, so why can’t the media’s most hated franchise lead the way?

  • Fix online in-game prices

I get it. Online play requires a grind. There is a real sense of earning your neat online toys, but putting prices of average loot well beyond the capabilities of casual gamers is unnecessary. Unless players hack (which many obviously do) it is a long road to any sort of fortune. Let’s be realistic – if you and your three buddies pull off a heist you probably can all afford nice cars, at least.

  • Online/offline crossover

Online play is slowly engulfing its offline counterpart, however many players enjoy the offline story and would love to see some of their achievements be translatable to the online sphere. It would be a break from the usual, but having the main character created RPG style and be able to go online with the gear you’ve earned from the story and help a buddy with a heist would be awesome. Maybe even a few side-missions that require a friend to drop in, or allow their character, skill and equipment to replace an NPC. It would be a huge mistake to tie everything to online, especially given how swamped the servers will be on release, but to capitalise on the growing online appetite and improve on the single-player mode would be wonderful.

So those were five things I would like to see in the next Grand Theft Auto game when it is released.  If you have any thoughts, leave a comment below.

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