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Just Game had the pleasure of interviewing Hatz professional CSGO player for Trident. Hatz is a relative new comer to the Oceanic CSGO scene but has already made quite the impact.

Can you tell us how you got into csgo and how you started playing with Trident?

Hatz: Well I originally started from playing CSS (counter strike source), playing surf since I was 9. As years went by, csgo ended up coming out but I really never got into it or played it. At the time people were still playing source surf so that’s what I ended up doing. I started playing CSGO after tucks’ ban, as I knew him from source. He had a new account and I started playing matchmaking with him all the time. That’s pretty much how I got into CSGO. The way I started playing with Trident was pretty much from tucks too. I was introduced to Lightstep at the time they were in Chiefs and ended up playing a lot of 1v1s against Lightstep. He ended up giving me some chances to slut with their team while I was with Aura at the time so I thought this was a good opportunity to learn a lot. When they picked up Dexter and Burn, Lightstep thought I was good enough to play in Division 1, so he recommended me to Trident and that’s how I got my trial with them.

hatz csgo

Jordan Bajic aka Hatz

What are your aims and ambitions on Team Trident and your own personal CSGO career?

Hatz: Well my aims and ambitions with Trident are to be the best team in Australia. That is the long term goal in the end, however I also wanted to attend things such as the CGPL Lan finals or any overseas trips that we could go to. For my own personal CSGO career, I want to learn a lot from playing against the best players in the country, to better myself and one-day end up playing games for a living.

Congratulations on taking out the Ripple Rover ODC, how did it feel winning the first tournament you have competed in?

Hatz: Thanks, it felt really good finally winning something. After practicing for a while, it felt like all the practice paid off. We were starting to show our full potential to everyone and that’s why I was so happy.

As an Oceania player, what do you think of the Oceanic eSports scene? What do you see as the keys for growing the scene here at home?

Hatz: I think the Oceanic eSports scene is definitely growing. We are all getting more opportunities to go overseas and win a lot of money, I’ve heard the Smite prize pools in Oceania are huge! The toxicity and arrogance are always a let-down but everyone should think of it as we are working together for the scene to grow. If you look at Fallen from Luminosity Gaming, he has had a significant impact of the CSGO scene in Brazil. I also think money plays a huge part, there is always money needed in regards to anything within the eSports scene and I think Oceania lacks it a lot. Being paid salaries or even having bigger competitions can grab more exposure into our scene which means more sponsors, it’s never ending if we had more money.

Currently you and your team are competing in the CGPL Autumn tournament, how do you rate your chances of making it to LAN?

Hatz: We are hoping Team Immunity beat Vox Eminor for us to go to the LAN finals in Sydney. I think it’s a high chance that we can go but anything can happen!

What role do you play in the team? Are you able to describe what the main aspects of that role are in a professional team?

Hatz: I play as the main entry fragger/rifler in my team. When we are playing terrorists I will always be the first/second person into a site or area to give information to my players where the enemies are at, and I will die a lot! When we are counter-terrorists, I play on the big sites as the main anchor. Being an anchor means the first player in contact with the enemy when defending a site, normally I’d just be soloing the A sites. The main aspects of the role in a professional team is to firstly have really precise communication. This is a key to a good entry fragger and anchor especially since your team-mates will need to quickly react in order to help you trade or defend the bomb site. Positioning is another key aspect in this role as you must always be fearless when entry fragging on the terrorist side. This will give your team enough space behind you so they can trade frag. It is also imperative when anchoring sites as it can ensure you can get some free kills before you die or early information that you can provide to your team. Those are the core elements to the role when playing in a professional csgo team.

Do you have any advice for players trying to replicate what you have done and break into the professional scene in the Oceania region?

Hatz: The main advice I’d give to players is to always learn from your mistakes. Have the attitude to accept these mistakes and learn from it because you will only get better. I also did massive amounts of death match and also watched a lot of demos. I sacrificed a lot just to play the game so I had a lot of motivation and drive to become better, it’s how much you love it and want it.

Describe your gaming set-up that you have at home? What is your favourite piece of swag that you have gotten from one of Trident’s sponsors? 

Hatz: Pretty much the usual 144hz monitor, death adder mouse, a ducky keyboard, Logitech g633 headset and a huge case with a lot in it! The piece of swag that I love most is the Pyrrhus TTesports mouse-pad, it feels really good and loved it ever since.

hatz mousepad csgo

Pyrrhus TTesports mouse-pad

What is the most highly prized weapon skin that you own in game?

Hatz: Well I’ve got a marble fade factory new karambit!!! Only joking, that’s something I wish I had. Unfortunately, the most highly prized weapon skin I have is a Stat Trak AK47 Elite Build Well-Worn, disappointing isn’t it.

Is there anything else you’d like to add, perhaps a message to your fans out there?

Hatz: I’d like to thank all my sponsors, HyperX, TTesports, ScufGaming, Twitch and ArmaCentrum. I’d like to thank Trident and the team for giving me this opportunity to play at the highest level in Australia. Also to all the people that support us and me, the scene wouldn’t be like it would without you guys! Thanks for giving me the opportunity to have an interview with you guys 😀

Since writing this article Trident have made it to the Mwave CGPL Autumn 2016 LAN event, so be sure to watch the event on twitch or even attend on Saturday the 16th of April.

You can follow Hatz on Twitter or catch him on his stream when he is online.

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