Dota 2 – Team Secret Roster Change

In a shock announcement, Kemal Sadikoglu the director of Team Secret announced on Twitter that Arteezy and Universe would be leaving EG and joining Team Secret. W33 and Misery will be dropped from Team Secret roster, and I wouldn’t blame them for feeling disappointment in the move, especially after claiming the Shanghai Major.

This will be the second time that Arteezy has joined Team Secret roster after originally leaving EG in January 2015, he then left Team Secret to rejoin EG after The International 2015. Interestingly both Team Secret and EG have both won Valve events while Arteezy hasn’t been on either roster. Arteezy will most likely be going back to playing the mid role, which arguably saw him become the top Dota 2 player during 2014 – 2015.

It is unknown who will be replacing Universe and Arteezy at EG, with further speculation that even more players could be leaving The International 2015 champions line-up. While roster changes are far from uncommon in Dota 2, Valve now has strict rules around roster locks which is basically forcing a Trade Period similar to the NBA or NFL three times a year, with the players usually being free agents and teams having no obligations to their existing players.

The roster changes would have definitely not be finished with free agent players like W33 and Misery available, many teams may have been holding out to see what happened to other teams before trying to lock in their rosters. All the while Dota 2 fans will be anticipating the Manilla Major to see if the much anticipated combination of Eternal Envy and Arteezy ,(ArtEEzy) can take out another big event together.

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