Playstation – New VR Launch Bundle Announced

Playstation have announced a VR Launch Bundle for North America that will be available for pre order. In the same announcement Playstation have stated that the core VR bundle will not be available for pre order in North America. The bundle is priced at $499.99 USD which is compared to a price of $399.99 of the core bundle. What does the extra $100 USD include? … a PS camera, 2 PS move controllers and a PS VR Worlds (disc)..

The Launch VR Bundle contains:

    • PS VR headset
    • PS VR cables
    • Stereo Headphones
    • PlayStation VR Demo Disc
    • PlayStation Camera
    • 2 PlayStation Move motion controllers
    • PlayStation VR Worlds (disc)

vr launch bundle


It is surprising that the core bundle is not available for pre order in North America as well, specifically because it seems the major reason with the camera not being included was because Sony felt many people would have already purchased the device. Other regions, including Australia are only able to order the core bundle – at the stage – with no announced plans to extend the Launch Bundle abroad. It seems that having the smartest option would be to sell the VR unbundled and offer the move controllers, camera and game as a $100 USD bundle to consumers requiring the devices.

With PS VR not arriving until October there’s still plenty of time for Sony to finalise launch bundles, so perhaps more will be on offer closer to the date.

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