Star Wars Battlefront – Outer Rim Gameplay Trailer

EA has released a gameplay trailer for their new upcoming DLC Outer Rim releasing on March 22nd check it out below! The Outer Rim is the first of four DLC packs to be released as part of the Star Wars Battlefront Season Pass.


The DLC will feature the following:

New Maps

  • Sullust
  • Jabba the Hutt’s palace on Tatooine

New Weapons

  • Relby V-10 rifle
  • DT-12 blaster pistol

New Star Cards

  • Scatter Gun
  • Dioxis Grenade
  • Adrenaline Stim

New Heroes

  • Greedo
  • Nien Nunb

A new game mode called Extraction will be introduced, where the Rebel forces have gone into the Outer Rim to extract a valuable shipment of resources, and The Empire will do all it can do stop them from completing their mission.

You can read more about the expansion here.

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