The Division – Dark Zone Tips

The Division is the hottest game out at the moment and has quickly taken the title of Ubisoft’s fastest selling game. I can see why with my playtime on it sitting at 35 hours, I will admit I have fallen for this game hook, line and sinker.

The main attraction that drew me to The Division was the Dark Zone, an area where players can team up in search of rich rewards or go rogue and try and steal other player’s loot. Through my albeit short time in the Dark Zone, I have learnt a few things that might help you players out there.

  1. Try and go into the Dark Zone in a group. You can do this either by partying up with friends or using the game’s matchmaking system to be put with players also wanting to go enter in a group. Solo players will have a harder time dealing with the AI enemies and will be vulnerable to players that have grouped up if they decide they would like your loot for their own.
  2. Try to follow an efficient route within the Dark Zone to get the most amount of rewards in the least amount of time. An example is a route posted on reddit by user Sairal. This will mean that you will get more gear drops, experience, phoenix coins and dark zone cash to spend on more gear.
  3. Use your phoenix coins to buy a high end weapon blue print from the advanced weapon vendor in the tech wing at your base of operations. I would suggest either the Vector 45 ACP or the High End Black Market AK74. This will increase your damage which in turn means you do point 2 faster by again being more efficient.
  4. Know when to run away. There is no shame in running away, especially if you have just stolen a high end piece of loot from the group that is now chasing you.
  5. Try to get to Dark Zone level 50 as soon as possible. There is a lot of great loot that can be purchased from the Dark Zone vendors but you need to be level 50 to do so. So remember to utilise point 4 to avoid dying as this removes valuable Dark Zone levels and cash from you if you do die.
  6. Communicate with your party especially around targets and abilities. This can be used to focus down enemies quickly and to not stack valuable heals or abilities to ensure you get the most out of them
  7. Last of all have fun! There is a lot of enjoyment to be had out there so don’t forget to enjoy what you’re doing and that you’re not doing it just for the grind.

I have posted a video below of some of my first rogue action within the Dark Zone. Don’t judge me too harshly I still have a lot of room for improvement but I did have a blast while doing this.



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