Rocket League – Roadmap for Xbox One

Psyonix has released details for the roadmap of Rocket League on Xbox One. With the recent launch of Rocket League on Xbox One some features that are currently on the PS4 and PC versions are not currently in the Xbox One version. Features like the experimental Arenas from “Rocket Labs” or the various Community and cross-promotional Garage items that have been added in the last few updates on the other platforms.

They have given two reasons for the Xbox One version not having these features from launch

  1. The Xbox One version of Rocket League was submitted to Microsoft for certification before those newer features were released on PC/ PS4 via patches (a necessary step due to the length of the Xbox certification process).
  1. Online Playlists dedicated to things like “Snow Day” and Rocket Labs were initially introduced to PlayStation and PC audiences after several months of standard Online gameplay; allowing plenty of time for us to confirm that the new playlists wouldn’t split the audience too severely from the “standard” lists. During launch week, we wanted to ensure that the Xbox community understood the fundamentals of Rocket League before introducing the extra playlists and also, that our “standard” matchmaking would not suffer.

To hopefully cushion the blow of not having these features from day one, they have announced that they will be turning on “Snow Day” hockey mode in the online playlist sometime next week. Instead of players driving around on a field trying to smash a giant ball into a net, they will have to try and guide a puck into the net on an ice field.

They are also currently working on bug fixes for the Xbox One and will hopefully be releasing that ASAP however no known dates have been released around that.

Psyonix are hoping to have all the versions of Rocket League aligned by April which is great news for Xbox One owners. As always Psyonix will be sure to keep everyone updated if you want to read more about the roadmap click here.

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